Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my names?

Use the form on the Domain Submissions page. Use the drop down menu under ‘select number of domains’ to choose how many names you want to submit (max 5). Please fill in the domain name and target sale price for all your names. The pricing is just there to give us a guide and a feel for your expectations, we will always aim to sell at the highest price and as a domain owner you are the only party able to accept an offer. 

What does the name approval process look like?

We are looking for names in the .com extension only. Names should have clear end user potential. We specialise in names with a retail price from $5k USD up to $40K USD, but we will look at good lower four figure names too. Submitted names are assessed and owners receive confirmation on which names have been approved. Approved names go forward to broker stage.

What happens when my name is approved?

Broker Touch will schedule a campaign to broker your domain name to qualified end users. We will notify you of any reasonable offers and we’re happy to support you with the negotiation and decision making too. 

What is covered in the agreement?

Our terms are based on standard domain name broker terms covering areas such as: broker fee, exclusivity, period of agreement, pricing, payments etc. Broker Touch Terms & Conditions can be found on the domain submission form on the Domain Submissions page. Our terms should answer most questions but if you have any more please just contact us.

What fees do Broker Touch charge?

Broker Touch fees are agreed on a name by name basis. Our fees do not include any escrow charges or money transfer charges which need to be covered by buyer or seller. 

What happens when my name is sold?

Broker Touch will manage the financial transaction using Escrow which creates peace of mind for all parties.  

Summary Of The Process

Domain owners submit a maximum of 5 names to Broker Touch using the form on the Domain Submissions page.  

Domain owners must accept Broker Touch Terms & Conditions if they want to use Broker Touch to market their name(s) to end users. 

We review all submissions and confirm back to the domain owner which names are going through to broker stage.

We will communicate any reasonable offers to the domain owner, we will also keep the owner updated on progress from time to time.

When an offer is accepted by the owner, Broker Touch will open up an escrow transaction and oversee payment management until the transaction is officially closed. Broker Touch do not cover escrow fees, these need to be settled by the buyer or seller as decided by the seller.